Docsplainin' -- it's what I do

Docsplainin'--it's what I do.
After all, I'm a doc, aren't I?

Friday, August 1, 2008


It's Friday, my Regular Day Off. I like to have at least one day every week when I don't have to go anywhere or talk to anybody, or even get dressed if I don't want to. This is not it, as we are going out to dinner with friends later, but so far it has been a quiet day at home.

For months, it seems, I have spent my "off" days prepping for classes or writing reports: Today I have mainly been reading Just Another Soldier and practicing "The Fishing Hole Song" with my parrot. I have attended to some household chores--I've done a load of dishes and two of laundry, and tried to clean up a bit in the back hall where the dog sleeps, but mainly it's just been a long-needed, relaxing day at home.

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