Docsplainin' -- it's what I do

Docsplainin'--it's what I do.
After all, I'm a doc, aren't I?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The basics

I am reading Jane Hall on Deepening the Treatment. It's a book for beginners (she teaches technique at an analytic institute). I didn't realize it was for beginners when I bought it, otherwise I would not have.

Liv Ullman
wrote in her memoirs that the book you need comes into your hands when you need it. I picked this one up the other day because every time I walked past my bookshelf it called out to me.

So far, and I'm a couple of chapters in, I haven't read anything I didn't already know. But I'm hanging on every word, nevertheless, partly because Hall says what she says so well, but mainly because she is reminding me why I became a therapist in the first place.

Managed care and training as a psychologist exert a powerful pull. Hall reminds us all of our roots.

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