Docsplainin' -- it's what I do

Docsplainin'--it's what I do.
After all, I'm a doc, aren't I?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Perfect Day, As Far As I'm Concerned

It started with the rain. It hasn't rained here in at least a month, but last night it started coming down and it hasn't stopped since. It's blessedly cool and the humidity in the house is up to 62%, which feels wonderful compared to living in the Sonora Desert, which is what it's been like around here.

Then I got an e-mail via Facebook from an old friend I've been looking for. We exchanged a couple of quick notes before I had to split for school. I am delighted to be reconnected.

As if that weren't enough to make me happy, as I was packing up my stuff and getting ready to head over to school, I got a phone call. I didn't want to take it as I was in a hurry: Parking is at a premium at KSU, and I am always afraid if I don't get there early I'll wind up late for class.

But I took it, and boy, howdy am I glad I did! A vaguely (very vaguely) familiar voice said, "You'll never guess who this is" and as I was struggling for a polite way to say, ok, so don't make me... just tell me! he identified himself and I nearly fell off my chair.

This is a kid I first saw just before his 16th birthday. He's 43 now, married, kids, the whole enchilada, and doing great. Not anything I did for him, as far as I can tell--I think it was a God thing.

Regardless, he's doing wonderfully and it just made my day to hear from him. I've been grinning ever since.

The funny part was he said he'd been thinking about me lately and wasn't sure why. I had to laugh and tell him it was because I had his genogram up on the board in my Theories of Personality class on Monday! I am sure his ears must have been burning.

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